1 - 3 days

Small Designs:

15 per hour



Larger Designs:

6 per hour

While we do offer full-body airbrushing, our body painting service is more popular because it's designed for event guests, not models.  Body painting is a wide range of custom, hand-painted designs on a relatively small scale; such as a necklace design or a shoulder tattoo.   We can use water-based paint that washes off or alcohol-based paint for a design lasting a few days.  Body painting is suitable for small formal corporate events, as well as black-tie affairs, charity galas, adult parties and teen events.

Painted "jewelry" like necklaces, chokers and bracelets, are available in addition to armbands, tattoos, belly art and other adornments.  The artist quickly takes note of the guest's eye and hair color, other jewelry and dress, then creates a one-off design just for them.  At first men enjoy watching the ladies' transform, but soon they are lining up for their own body painting.  It is a fantastic ice-breaker!   

Ornate necklaces take 15 minutes and smaller designs take 5 minutes each.